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Your Trusted Irrigation Service and Repair Company for Palm Beach (PBU19158) and Martin County (MCIS5953)

Up and down the East and West Coasts of Florida and to the Caribbean, Treasure Coast Irrigation and Landscape is South Florida’s most complete irrigation company. We offer the experience and expertise to handle every aspect of irrigation installation, maintenance, and service & repair., As you work with us, you’ll see that we’re a different kind of irrigation company. Built on core values, a client-centric approach, cutting-edge technology and continuous education of our clients and ourselves are some of the aspects that set us apart.

Our clients are diverse and demanding. They’re builders and developers with timelines and high expectations. They’re commercial property managers, homeowner association (HOA) boards and individual property owners. They are municipalities and agencies that run under tough guidelines and tight budgets. They’re private estate owners and their representatives whose impeccable taste and exotic landscapes require the very best in irrigation services.

We rely on the expertise of our sister company, Rood Landscape, for an array of services, including landscape installation, landscape maintenance, and ornamental pest and weed control services. This creates a unique, valuable and unbroken connection between your lawn, plants and the water they need.

When you look back after five years as a Treasure Coast Irrigation client, we want you to know and feel that hiring us was a great decision. We hold ourselves to a higher standard – and so should you. That’s how we’ve grown to become the Go2Co4H20 the Go-to Company for Irrigation.

Complete irrigation service for South Florida

You’ll find every aspect of commercial irrigation services and residential irrigation services under a single, welcoming canopy:

  • Complete irrigation installation
  • Irrigation maintenance, including service check ups
  • Environmentally sensitive practices
  • Professional irrigation systems that require less maintenance, less water and fertilizer, and delivers more savings over time.
  • Retrofits or upgrades
  • Pump diagnosis and repair, mainline repair, electronic wire tracking, cleaning systems, and more
  • Your trusted service and repair company for Palm Beach and Martin County

We also rely on the expertise of our sister company,

Few Florida landscape firms have the longevity, the dedication and the commitment of Rood Landscape. Since 1946, the company has been more than a collection of landscape architecture designers, project managers, technicians and installers. We are a company that nurtures relationships and much as is it does the communities, commercial businesses and homeowners that we bring into our family.