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The whole concept behind sustainable landscaping is based on the idea that there is an obligation to protect the environment, use materials and processes that are regenerative, and actively contribute to the development of healthy communities. More specifically, sustainable landscapes consider the carbon footprint, clean the air and water, increase energy efficiency and restore habitats. Ultimately, irrigation and landscaping that considers these factors will provide added value whether you’re talking commercial landscapes, residential landscapes or estate landscaping.

“Up to one-half of the public water supply in Florida is devoted to landscape irrigation. Given Florida’s limited water resources, in combination with a rapidly growing population, wise irrigation practices will play an essential role in providing a sustainable water future for our state.”
Committee on Landscape Irrigation and Florida-Friendly Design Standards State of Florida

Treasure Coast Irrigation & Landscape supports sustainability by implementing these environmental practices:

Audit irrigation systems and practices to identify opportunities for water savings.

Reduce water use in landscapes through installation of rain sensors, soil moisture sensors, ET-clocks and weather stations.

Sensible irrigation checks based on remote monitoring reports instead of full system checks.

Use native Florida plants that require less water and are suitable for our local weather patterns.

Employ energy-efficient landscape designs, including the proper placement and selection of shade trees and plants.

Rely on manufacturers and vendors who use recycled materials for paving stones, mulch, etc.

TCI’s Water Footprint: Century Village East Project

Century Village East, located in Deerfield Beach, Florida, is an active adult community composed of 254 low and hi-rise buildings with 253 separate condominium associations and common areas. The project sits on approximately 560 total acres, not including the golf course, about half of which is irrigated.

The community’s irrigation infrastructure had not been upgraded since the sites conception in the ’70’s. Additionally, the community could not renew its consumptive water use permit until a plan was created with a system that would distribute water more efficiently as well as be compatible with future water regulations in the State of Florida.

Alongside lead designer Masuen Consulting LLC, Treasure Coast Irrigation was selected as the most qualified contractor for this project. The new system installed by TCI featured over 3 independent pump systems and 9 satellite field controllers, allowing the system to be remotely accessible from anywhere in the world (The first system of its kind). Variable frequency pumps, high density polyethylene mainline, and extremely efficient turf rotary sprinkler heads all contribute to Century Village’s now efficient and conservative irrigation system; The community will be well prepared for the future difficulties associated with reduced water availability.

Century Village Aerial – Before and After 

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You’ll find every aspect of commercial irrigation services and residential irrigation services under a single, welcoming canopy:

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  • Pump diagnosis and repair, mainline repair, electronic wire tracking, cleaning systems, and more
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Few Florida landscape firms have the longevity, the dedication and the commitment of Rood Landscape. Since 1946, the company has been more than a collection of landscape architecture designers, project managers, technicians and installers. We are a company that nurtures relationships and much as is it does the communities, commercial businesses and homeowners that we bring into our family.